How To Care For Your New Furniture


Little effort is required in living with solid wood furniture. It won’t behave like plastic or Formica, it will breathe and condition itself to the climate. Extremes in temperature could cause problems with solid wood furniture. Every effort should be made to keep your solid wood furniture away from prolonged exposure to heat sources such as baseboard heaters, direct sunlight, and wood stoves. Although most homes normally maintain adequate humidity, it is best if the humidity is between 35-50%. For everyday care of kitchen and dining room tables, just wipe with a damp cloth. For periodic dusting, we recommend using a mild solution of Murphy’s Oil Soap and water with a damp cloth. DO NOT use any products containing silicone, wax, or ammonia. We do carry a full line of furniture care products that are safe for real wood furniture. To avoid possible permanent discoloration which can be left by the rubber feet of your electronics (known as plasticizer migration), place a barrier between the rubber feet of your electronics and your furniture. By following these guidelines you can ensure that the hand-crafted furniture you purchase today will become tomorrow’s treasured heirlooms.

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The Amish Connection, Inc. Guarantee

Our Guarantee is simple. Should your indoor furniture be defective in either material or workmanship, we will repair or replace it for up to 5 years. A full detailed description of our Guarantee is on the back of your original furniture sales invoice. In the event that damage is due to negligence or misuse, we will repair when possible for a nominal fee.

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